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Dome Eight Ltd (Co. Number: 8781458)
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Our Story:

 Whether you call them headphones, earbuds, earpods or earphones, everyone has experienced struggles using them:

So what do you when you’re not using them? You could put them in your pocket, but they would get tangled almost immediately. Annoying, right?  Alternatively you leave them in a bag or on your desk, so the chances of losing them are pretty high.

As daily commuters, we strove  to solve these problems by inventing a unique, neat and innovative designed phone case which integrates headphone cable management into an impact-protective case specifically designed to store your Apple EarPods ( know, the ones that come with your iPhone).

Our unique design is the perfect solution for dealing with the frustrations of lost, forgottentangled, or damaged headphones, while also providing robust shock-absorbing impact protection from drops.

The dome8 case keeps your headphones accessible while you are on the move, so that they are always available for listening to music or watching social media content.

dome8 appeals to iPhone users across generations and is exceptionally popular with:

...or those people just looking for an easy life!

dome8 uses a simple yet innovative flexible dome design which enforces a "no snaggable edges"approach, to ensure your phone slips easily in and out of pockets or handbags. The case is slim line and compact, whilst the ergonomic dome makes for a surprisingly comfortable grip.