Why we didn’t go with retractable headphones

When building the dome8 phone and tablet cases, durability and ease of use were major factors. We realised that with other headphone related smartphone cases there’s one major flaw: retractable headphones.

When looking back through the years, any retractable technology has its faults. So when we came to design the dome8 case there were a number of aspects which drove us away from a retractable  design decision

  • No Jams– Like with anything retractable, after a few uses your headphones are likely to get caught up in the internal mechanism causing terminal frustration, and damage to your headphones.
  • Damage Free – Unlike a retractable headphones case, dome8 truly protects your headphones. Retractable headphones necessarily PULL on the earphone components to hold them in place. The dome8 design extends the life of your headphones, it doesn’t reduce it like retractable mechanisms.
  • Freedom of use – Unlike retractable headphone cases, dome8’s headphones are easy to remove. Should you want to use your EarPods with other devices or lend them to a friend, the simply designed dome means there’s no need to dismantle the case to remove your headphones.
  • Future proof – With changes in technology happening day in day out, we wanted to future proof our phone case design. Evidence suggests that Apple (and others) will no doubt be introducing Bluetooth ‘sport’ EarPods in the coming months, so we’ve created the dome8 case with this potential change in mind. Should this change take affect the single wire linking each earphone can still be stored just as easily under the dome8 dome, meaning you can get the most from the dome8 case no matter what manufacturers throw at you. 

All of these factors paired with our durable design make for one ‘smart’ smartphone case. Providing your device with protection, practicality and style: not a retractable mechanism in sight.