Why the dome8 iPhone case is a must buy this Christmas!

Why the dome8 iPhone case is a must buy this Christmas!

If you are thinking of buying an iPhone for your kids or loved one this Christmas here's a few reasons to consider a dome8 iPhone case that holds headphones:

dome8 iphone cases PROTECT the phone AND the screen!  iPhones we all know are not cheap! A brand new iPhone 6/6s  can set you back just under £500 whilst hand me downs are valued at anything from £160 for the iPhone 5/5s and up to £300 for iPhone 6/6s.  Also consider this: just replacing a broken screen can on average cost you up to £80 for a replacement. Our dome8 cases can help!  They are impact protective! They are made from shock absorbing TPU which is a hybrid of hard plastic and flexible silicone. They also have a raised bezel edge to protect the screen.

dome8 iphone cases PROTECT the earphones! Authentic Apple earphones cost just under £30.00.  By using a dome8 iphone case you will not only keep earbuds safe from frustrating knots and tangles but you will preserve the earbuds from damage and debris. No need to think about the nasties at the bottom of gym and handbags either!

dome8 iphone cases make life easier for EVERYONE! "They are mine!", "No! They ARE mine!" No more arguments over who owns which set of earphones.  If you have your phone case on, you have YOUR earphones with you.  dome8 is a simple yet effective way of making sure that you always have your music and media to hand. 

So all in all not bad for ONLY £14.95! Take a look at our clever little life hack TODAY and take stress and mess of headphone tangles out of the equation this Christmas!

AVAILABLE FOR iPhone 6/6s, 5/5s/SE