Vive Les Headphones! 

The Headphone Jack Is Dead So Long Live the IPhone 6!  
The recent Apple Event announcement that the iPhone 7 will no longer house a universal headphone jack has come to the dismay of many loyal Apple customers who depend upon their "wired" earphones for everyday life such as making calls, watching media or listening to music. Many have commentated that the removal of the wires on the costly Apple AirPods is in short madness and simply asking for trouble; with memes going viral across social media bemoaning that "I already lost them".
So if you'd prefer to stick with your current earphones, then check out the clever protective iPhone case by dome8 that holds your Apple earphones. Why take two cases when one is already enough?
So swear your allegiance to the iPhone 6 and remain continuously plugged in! #ViveLesHeadphones