Revision tips from dome8

With GCSE's and A levels on the horizon, at dome8 iphone cases, we have some helpful tips to get you back in the zone. 

  1. GET UP! - The later you leave it in the day the more daunting the task will seem. Be the early bird for the next few weeks.
  2. MAKE A PLAN STAN - Draw up a time table and break everything down into manageable bites of 20 minute segments with 5-10 minute breaks.  Mix up your subjects so that you spread out the knowledge.
  3. REWARD YOURSELF - Make room for treats.  Whether it’s a drink, a snack or some exercise.  Save a trip to the cinema or a catch up with mates as a BIG treat once you’ve ticked off a day’s worth on your timetable.  Ticking off subjects can also feel quite satisfying.  Embrace that inner geek.
  4. DROP DOWN AND GIVE ME 20 - Physical exercise helps the brain stay sharp; especially aerobic activity.  An increased heart rate pumps more blood to the brain and promotes the release of hormones. Think about the feel good factor we can get from a runner’s high. Get moving, even if it is just 10 star jumps - you will feel refreshed and invigorated.
  5. IT’S ALL IN THE MIND - If your nerves are getting the better of you perhaps it’s time to create some space.  Check out the world of meditation with and app such as Headspace to reduce stress and anxiety.  Grab your headphones and give the free trial a whirl for ten minutes a day. 
  6. DO IT YOUR WAY - Use a revision technique that works for you.  Auditory learners can type up notes on a laptop and then past into a text to speech tool.  You might like also to make up rhymes or use acronyms to remember the tricky bits.  Try recording things on your phone and listening back using your earbuds too.
  7. YOUR STATER FOR TEN - Mix up your studies by getting your family or friends to test your knowledge in a quiz.  Repeating facts out aloud to others helps us to retain the information.  The brain is like a muscle, so by exercising it, you will improve its function.  
  8. NOTED - Making notes over and over again is one of the best ways to memorize information.  Granted its dull and repetitive, but studies have found that the most successful candidates make up to three sets of the same notes in a run up to the exams. Get creative with different coloured pens and post it notes to help relive the tedium. 
  9. MUSIC - if you are listening to music then try switching to classical, this can boost your productivity according to experts, or otherwise listen to music without words to stop you from singing along and getting distracted!
  10. KEEP CALM AND REMEMBER - They are just exams and it won’t be the end of the world if you don’t perform as well as you wanted.  Just give it your best and remember that you don’t need to be scared of your future.  Exams aren’t the only indicator of potential.

Good luck from dome8 iPhone cases!!