Is dome8 compatible with iPhone 7? Why YES!

Now that the dust has settled from latest Apple Event, people have been asking us the BIG question at dome8, namely "are your fantastic life hack cases still going to be compatible with the iPhone 7? Happily our resounding response to the doubters is YES they will be!!!

As we all know Apple have heralded the death of the iPhone jack and whilst some people thought they had been left high and dry, the truth of the matter is that the iPhone 7 still comes with wired earbuds, but they plug into the Lightning port now instead of the old round plug. 

"But how will I now listen to music and charge my phone at the same time?" We hear you cry. Well, Apple’s Lightning Dock is probably the most straight forward way to to listen to your music while charging your phone at the same time. And lets face it you are generally stationary when charging your device so this isn't really a great hardship.  The dock can sit nicely on your desk and you can also take a call, without having to unplug and replug your headphones.

So for all of our lovely loyal dome8 fans we just wanted to confirm that there's absolutely no need to panic!  As iPhone 7 users you will still be able to listen to your music, podcast or view media with the included wired Apple earbuds on your daily commute or down at the gym.  You are going to be OK. Everything is under control.

***The dome8 iPhone 7 case that holds your earphones is coming soon!!***