iPhone 7 Rumours and dome8

We've heard numerous rumours that Apple is considering ditching the headphone jack, which has the benefit of shaving up to 1mm from the device's thickness.

So you will either need to use the new EarPods supplied with the iPhone 7 by Apple, or use another manufacturer's pair of headphones that connects to your iPhone via the Lightning port. The potential issue with using a Lightning-port enabled pair of headphones from another manufacturer is that these will be quite expensive and it limits the use of the headphones to one handset supplier and one model: the Apple iPhone 7. This is a large investment for a headphones or earphones manufacturer to move forward with.

This plays nicely into Apple's hands by almost forcing people to use the lightning enabled earphones. But having said that, the Earpods are very good in terms of sound quality and fit, so not much of a loss for consumers.

Best of all, the dome8 design will NOT be affected by this change as the Lightning connector will slot neatly under the dome just like the 3.5mm jack does now. This maintains dome8's position as the best iphone cases on the market (and the most innovative)!