Tips & Tricks when using Apple Earphones

We all know the EASY ones like:

  • Using the microphone during a hands-free calls - perfect for when you're on the road.
  • Pressing the centre button to pause and start music.
  • Using the headphones built-in volume rocker for changing the volume.

But maybe you didn’t know about these additional features when using the Apple EarPods:

  • Taking a photo: Just like when using your phone without Apple EarPods, you can use the volume buttons to take a photo, simply open the camera app and take a photograph with either of the volume buttons on your Apple EarPods - taking the prefect selfie just got easier!
  • Use Siri on the go: When connected to the internet, press & hold the centre button to activate Siri, enabling you to speak instructions into the headphones microphone: your personal assistant is now closer than you thought!
  • Decline an incoming call: Hold down the centre button for approximately two seconds, then let it go - never let another call stop you from hitting the high notes on your favourtie jam ever again!
  • Fast-forward: Press the centre button twice quickly and hold - skip the bridge and get straight to the chorus in seconds.
  • Rewind: Press the centre button three times quickly and hold, because listening to the chorus just once wasnt enough!