The iPhone case that holds your Apple Earpods

No more Losing, Misplacing or Forgetting your headphones

No more Losing, Misplacing or Forgetting your headphones

Where are my headphones? Whether you call them earphones, earbuds, or earpods... with dome8 cases, if you've got your phone, you've got your headphones.
[ Listen, Anytime, Anywhere. ]
Avoid frustrating headphone Tangles & Knots

Avoid frustrating headphone Tangles & Knots

We've all had to deal with annoying tangled earphones! The dome8 case is an ingenious and world first cable management accessory for your earphones.
[ Less Stress, Less Mess. ]
Preserve your headphones from costly Damage & Debris

Preserve your headphones from costly Damage & Debris

Pulling your Earpods from your pocket or handbag is an ordeal. The dome8 phone case provides remarkable protection from damaging your EarPods.
[ For an Easier Life. ]

How to use the dome8 phone case... Easy!

The best earphone cable management & storage accessory on the market.
For a Video demonstration watch our Demo Video on our YouTube channel.
How to use the dome8 phone case... Easy!

Packed with Design Features

Our unique design is the perfect combination of Functionality, Protection & Ease of Use.
Packed with Design Features

What will you listen to today?

dome8 is the worlds first impact protective phone case that holds your Apple headphones (the ones that come bundled with your iPhone). Perfect for Commuters, Students, Gym-goers, or just those seeking an easier life.

PURPOSE-BUILT FOR iPHONE: Precision moulded for the Apple Earpod headphones and the iPhone. A custom design, not a compromise.
DESIGNED FOR AN EASY LIFE: Elegantly designed with No Snagging or Catching edges, for ease of use in your pocket or handbag.
ADVANCED HYBRID PROTECTION: Rugged shock-absorbing protection combines soft TPU with hard shatter-proof shell for optimal drop protection.
RAISED FRONT BEZEL: A raised front edge protects the screen from impacts, or simple scratches when resting your phone face down.
ULTIMATE GRIP & HANDLING: The flexible dome provides non-slip grip and an ergonomically comfortable shape for your hand, you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Available for iPhone 5/5s/SE and 6/6s.

What people are saying about dome8

Jo, Airline Pilot
“I love my new dome8 phone case. Its fits my hand perfectly and keeps my headphones clean and safe. A fantastic solution for those constantly on the move.”

– Jo, Airline Pilot

Ciara, Blogger and Student
“We've all have that moment when you take your earphones out of your pocket and discover they've become tangled or broken. dome 8 has an ingenious case that you keep your earphones in and they come out tangle free!”

– Ciara, Blogger and Student

Michelle, Yoga Instructor
“Dear dome8 - I love mine - I fitted it to my iPhone 6 which already had a cracked screen and it saved it when I dropped it again - brilliant cover simple to fit.”

– Michelle, Yoga Instructor

Chloe, busy mum & Entrepreneur
“The dome8 iPhone case is immensely durable and clever to survive the day to day rigours of a working mother’s handbag! My husband has one and my niece is desperate for one. It really is a case that suits everyone!”

– Chloe, busy mum & Entrepreneur